Use Mouse Gestures To Open New Pages With Easy DragToGo

Firefox only: Easy DragToGo is a Firefox extension which enables interaction with highlighted text and images via mouse gestures. Text actions are determined by whether or not the highlighted text is a URL or not, and by the variables you assign in the preferences menu. An example setup, and my current one, is that all non-URL text when highlighted and dragged becomes a Google search. Drag up to search in a new foreground tab, drag down to search in a new background tab. You assign gestures to opening new URLs, searching text, and saving images. The amount of movement required to trigger the assigned action in Easy DragToGo is minuscule, which makes for some wonderfully lazy mousing. Easy DragToGo is free and works wherever Firefox does.


    This is the one extension I missed the most when I switched to Chrome. I still drag links to open in a new tab, and nothing happens....

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