Telstra Experiments With 3D News Site

Telstra Experiments With 3D News Site

The resolute failure of 3D experiments like Google Lively doesn’t seem to dissuade people from trying to force a 3D interface onto a 2D screen. Telstra has just joined the ranks by offering a “3D video wall” option for its BigPond News service. To access the 3D service, you need the Cooliris plug-in (which works with Firefox, IE and Safari, but no Linux options), after which you can scroll round a wall of news stories and choose what you want to read. Beyond the headline, however, you still get returned to the existing page, which makes for a jarring navigational experience. Existing Telstra customers (who won’t have it counted against their cap) might find it an interesting diversion, but beyond that, a standard news site still seems more useful (and less bandwidth-greedy) to me.


  • I am so glad that Telstra fired me and a few hundred people so they can waste money on Sh1t like this and Second life and their online security and their down loadable movie service and their games service and their Big Pond news and shopping and office suite and student study software and rabbit commericals….

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