Sticky Tickets Organises Tickets For Your Big Function

StickyTicketslogo.gifOrganising a Christmas party that's big enough to need formal tickets and don't want to just throw the whole thing on Facebook? Sticky Tickets lets you set up an event (complete with its own page), issue and distribute tickets for anything from business breakfasts to kids parties. There's a booking fee charged for any paid events, but if you're just looking to control the guest list and not charging any fees, the whole thing is free to use.


    I've been using for events & event planning.. Completely free, and really easy.
    It lets you control the Guest list, and also have photo's, video and blogging for parties from 5 to 50,000!

    Sticky Tickets is free to use for event registrations too. The difference with Sticky Tickets is that it lets you sell tickets, handles the credit card transaction and pays the money into your bank account. Also sends barcoded eTickets and Australia Tax Invoice/Reciepts.

    These are some great ideas. I find that some christmas party organisers can be a bit of a rip off and finding the best christmas party organisers is a bit hit and miss. My friend is thinking of arranging an office christmas party for her work pals this year and some of these websites will really help her.

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