Somebody Out There Still Wants The Yellow Pages

Somebody Out There Still Wants The Yellow Pages

As part of my annual end-of-year clearout, I’ve decided to ditch the print versions of the White and Yellow Pages and reclaim some bookshelf space — let’s face it, if I want a phone number, I’ll inevitably go online to look for it. However, it seems that might be a less common viewpoint than you’d think. Sara Rich at The Australian reports that revenues from both Yellow and White Pages print editions continue to grow, with the latter rising by 10.8%. While growth is even faster for online directories, they’re not yet making the same amount of money. Do you still make use of print directories, or would you rather get your phone numbers from the Net? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • I haven’t looked in a physical phonebook in years. And it seems a waste to deliver them to everyone’s premises, but I guess it’s a bit like junk mail. I’m now even using the online yellow pages less .. I source the info I need via Google, social networks etc. And from a business owner’s point of view, for me, generally good clients are not the types who find you in a phonebook.

  • Interestingly in our block of 6 townhouses most of the new yellow pages left at the mail box didn’t get collected & got spolied by the rain!

    It made me wonder if people are not bothering with the print version as much these days

  • I’ve never found the online yellow and white pages to be very friendly unless you can be quite specific about the number you are looking for, I can find it quicker in the physical book if its local!

  • I work at Sensis – revenue is up on a declining number of advertisers, so do the Maths. The sales force is great at selling print ads, but it doesn’t follow that they’re being read. Now that Sensis content is being sent to Google, we expect print and online usage to decline.

  • Mine go straight in the recycling bin as soon as they’re delivered. I’ve never managed to catch the delivery people to give some sort of feedback to let them know not to bother delivering mine.

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