Recycle Old Crayons Into New Shapes

Just because they are rough on their crayons doesn't mean your kids have to draw with little waxy nubs. Craft site Chica and Jo has a tutorial on breathing new life into your crayons. Gather up all your old crayons, even the tiniest little broken up pieces. Sort them by colours, and them double boil them on your stove top to melt them down. Chica and Jo used a large tin can as an impromptu inner-vessel for their double boiler. While you could use any mold to form your new crayons, they used silicone ice cube trays because they were flexible and easy to get the crayons out of and non-stick. Out of all the shapes they tested a triangle ice cube tray from Ikea emerged as the most favoured. The three pointed shape kept the crayons from rolling off the table and was easy for the smaller kids to grip well. For a more detailed and photo-filled explanation check out the full guide.


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