Qantas And Woolworths Partnership Promises Frequent Flyer Points For Food

QantasNeutral.jpg Qantas announced on Friday that it's planning to pair up with supermarket giant Woolworths in mid-2009, offering frequent flyer points for everyday shopping transactions. That's potentially a very useful way of accumulating a few free flights, though much will depend on how many points are offered per dollar on the transactions, which won't be clear for some months. In the meantime, check out our guide to how to make the most of Qantas' scheme. Another useful recent Qantas development you can take advantage of right now (as seen in the picture): the airline has finally integrated its carbon offset payment scheme into its main ticket buying site, so you don't need to perform a totally separate transaction to help compensate for the effects of your travelling.


    I don't know if this is such a good idea for Woolworth. You don't want the customers to think airline food every time they are going to buy groceries.

      RE: John....You don’t want the customers to think airline food every time they are going to buy groceries.

      Have you actually set foot in many australian supermarkets ("We are, we are, we are the junkfood people") ??

    Like the coles/woolworths discounted fuel offers, this is a scam and is bad for consumers, and bad for the environment. Somewhere along the way, the fuel 'discounts', and frequent flier points get paid for. This is done by increasing the prices of the groceries across the board (relative to what they might be). So ultimately, people who do not use petrol or fly subsidize the people who do. This is why I do not shop at safeway or coles - there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

    I don't think this argument entirely stacks up. Yes, fuel discounts and points have to be paid for, but ultimately that's a marketing expense. If the marketing department wasn't spending money on loyalty schemes, it would be spent on brochures or TV commercials or other promotions. Whatever happened, that cost would be factored into the price of the groceries. Even Aldi does marketing, and you can bet the cost (like any business expense) is built into the price of the goods.

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