Optus Gets Narky Over VOIP Calls On Mobiles

If you’re planning on using a calling card to help cut costs during holiday travel, it makes more sense than ever to read the fine print. David Neiger and Dan Warne at APC report that Optus is now slogging customers who use a separate calling card service to access international numbers on their mobiles that they’ll still be hit with international calling rates, even though they’ve dialled a local number and the call itself isn’t being handled on Optus’ networks. Sounds like a fair degree of nerve to us, though such profiteering isn’t untypical amongst telcos.


  • Since I am on Vodafone, I thought I was safe till i tried the numbers mentioned in the article. Guess what? All blocked! So it looks like Optus isn’t the only telco being an ass about this!

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