Non Rip-Off Content Finally Heading For Mobile Phones

MoneyPhone.jpgA couple of items in a list of Top 10 telecoms industry trends published this week by consultant Telsyte struck me as interesting:

Year of mobile content" fuelled by next-generation smartphones, dropping mobile data charges and user preference to go "off deck"
Birth of an advertising-subsidised mobile market, powered by location-based technology

It would certainly be nice to see more reasonable prices for mobile data, and there have been a couple of useful indicators in that direction. The just-about-to-appear BlackBerry Storm has an almost-all-you-can-eat data plan, and while the iPhone doesn't have (to my mind) great data deals, it's certainly played a key role in getting people using more mobile data. Getting good mobile sites will require some sort of advertising model, but I'm not so sure that'll happen in a hurry — if only because Australia's population makes it harder to justify that kind of advertising investment than in the US, where a handful of cities can provide all the revenue you need. In any event, we'll need the cheaper rates first.


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