Nombray Finds And Sets Up Your Vanity Domain

New web service Nombray is out to help folks establish their online identity by registering their name-based domain. Enter your name into the Nombray search engine and register the various available combinations of vanity URL available. (For example, a search for my name returns,,, etc.) Then, register the URLs of your choice for $US20 apiece, and use Nombray's simple web page designer and hosting service to link to the various social networks and profiles you've set up across the web. (See CEO Chris Lunt's Nombray-powered site above for an example, where Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are linked from tabs in a top frame.)


    I wouldn't want to be introducing the CEO to people while drunk.

    When I started working at Oracle in 1993, they gave me the email address "[email protected]". The other University of Michigan grad who joined at that time was named Sue Long, and she got to be "[email protected]".

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