New Google Reader Feed Bundles Are Localised But Lazy

GoogleReaderBundlles.jpgMy initial suspicion that the 'feed bundles' feature in the newly revamped Google Reader would be US-centric turned out to be wrong: there's a dozen pre-grouped set of feeds in 12 categories, including local sports like AFL and NRL. However, the way they've been constructed is lazy in the extreme: in virtually every single instance, what's on offer is the relevant feed for the ABC, a selection of papers from News Limited, and a selection of papers from Fairfax. (There's a handful of official sports sites and one mention each for Crikey and ZDNet, but that's it.) The Australian online media scene is far more diverse than that, and it's frankly embarrassing that the Google team are apparently too lazy to bother to reflect that. The bundles are supposedly created automatically rather than by hand, but it looks like the selection algorithm is basic beyond belief. We can only hope this improves in the near future. As it stands, the approach makes RSS look like little more than an alternative way of reading old media brands.


    This sounds like we haven't been changed yet. These are exactly the same bundles that were there before - and they were done by hand not machine. If you change the URL in the browser to delete the ".au" from the "" you can see the US bundles. They are prolific, and machine generated.

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