NetBank Update Includes Customisation Options

NetBank.jpgThe Commonwealth Bank is previewing a forthcoming update of its NetBank service on its site. Promised features in the update include the ability to add shortcuts for commonly used features to the home page, integration with other Commonwealth services like CommSec and home insurance, and pre-filled forms for applying for term deposits and home loans. I like the sound of the shortcuts feature, but I'm wondering: what features would you like to see added to your current online banking service? I wish the online statements went back further (it's something of a joke to suggest people should opt out of paper statements when there's only two months history available anyway).


    I'm not sure what yuou mean by the online statements not going back far enough...mine go back to 31/07/2007 when I opted into the service

    Half the time when you go into branches, the staff just spend the time glued to the computer anyway...I'd like to be able to see the same information that they have access to...eliminate the middle men I say. integration would be great.

    I would like to have some way to have sub accounts within my streamline account that could be used for separating money I've put aside for say "petrol" vs money I've put aside for "entertainment". It would help managing my spending. Mobile version would be good too so that from your mobile you could, say, transfer money from your savings account into your streamline account to buy that must-have gadget you just saw on sale.

    Yodlee ( is like mint and supports commonwealth bank.

    I would like to see an iPhone app ala ANZ.

    That and logic based transactions.

    • IF (Balance > $3000) THEN (Transfer $400 to Savings)
    • IF ( Last Deposit > $4000) Then (Transfer 10% of Last deposit to Savings)
    • IF (Bill is Due) AND ( Balance-Bill > $1000) THEN (Pay Bill)
    • etc

    Have a look at Anz Money Manager - Does the same thing as mint.

    You'd trust access to your financial data to these guys? The bacnks are bad enough, doesn't concentrating access make it a lot worse? I've read through the details on their site (what the marketers say about their security) which is all process based. One mistake, one leak (and it can ALWAYS LEAK) and its game over. How can such services be worth 'using" when you will just be open to more abuse?

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