MediaPortal 1.0 Released, Brings Open-Source DVR To Windows

MediaPortal 1.0 Released, Brings Open-Source DVR To Windows

Windows only: Open-source application XBMC has received all of the attention in the media centre arena lately, but it still can’t replace your TiVo. MediaPortal can, and it just hit its official 1.0 release. MediaPortal is a Windows-only media centre application that was originally spawned as a fork of XBMC almost five years ago. Today the application has been entirely redesigned, and apart from offering much of the same functionality of other popular media centre applications, MediaPortal works with hardware TV tuners to add DVR functionality to your PC. We showed you how to roll your own DVR and media centre with MediaPortal a couple of years back, but now the full featured MediaPortal is better than ever. As an added bonus, now that MediaPortal has hit that official 1.0 release, the MP developers are starting to ramp up for MediaPortal II, which aims to bring a better design and more stable architecture to MediaPortal. MediaPortal is a free download, requires .NET 2.0 or higher. I haven’t used MediaPortal extensively since we last covered it, so if you’ve got more experience with it, let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.


  • Hi there, how do you get Internet streaming radio to work on Media Portal?

    I wouldn’t mind listening to BBC Radio online without having to exit MediaPortal and loading up firefox to get it?

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