LiveDrive Offers Unlimited Online Storage

LiveDrive, not to be confused with Windows Live Skydrive, is a free and unlimited online storage service. LiveDrive users can upload an unlimited number of files, and while the size limit per file isn't explicitly stated anywhere on the site I had no trouble uploading multi-GB files. The upload speed maxed out the available upload bandwidth I had, someone with a much faster pipe will have to weigh in on what the upload ceiling is. Users running Windows XP/Vista machines are able to download a stand alone client which adds a virtual drive to their computer assigned to the letter L. According to the site a client for Mac users is in the works. During the sign up process users are able to select a custom domain,, for accessing their files and sharing them. While the service is in beta, accounts are free.


    This seems a bit buggy it worked the first time then nothing after that. So don't expect much.

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