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ThumbSky.jpg Kick off your Lifehacker Monday by making sure you didn't miss any of the biggest posts from last week:

  • Road Worrier Road Tests The A380
    "Does the much-hyped A380 deliver on its promise of more space, better entertainment and — a crucial question for Lifehacker readers — improved productivity options?"
  • Five Best Desktop Customisation Tools
    "It's crazy to think that an operating system can fit every user's needs out of the box, even if we are just talking about looks. Luckily, if you're not keen on the cookie-cutter appearance of your OS, we've covered a handful of great tools for tweaking every last pixel of your desktop."
  • Caledos Manages Your Massive Wallpaper Collection (Windows)
    "If you like varied wallpaper but find yourself frittering away time digging through your archives picking new ones out, let Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer take care of the management side of things."
  • eBooks Just Published Finds DRM-Free Reading Options
    "New site eBooks Just Published focuses on newly-published titles that don't use any form of digital rights management (DRM), making it much easier to read them on a wide variety of devices."
  • Top 10 Things You Can Do With A DVD
    "The proliferation of thumb drives and external hard drives has made optical media like DVDs seem a little less handy—but there are still plenty of ways to put DVDs to good use."
  • Lazarus Form Recovery Saves Web Page Form Data (Firefox)
    "At one point or another, every power surfer has filled out a long web page form, then lost all the time and effort when Firefox crashed before you could submit it. The Lazarus Form Recovery add-on is out to keep that from ever happening."
  • Best iPhone Apps For Australians
    "Danny Gorog at APC has picked out ten of the best Australian-developed applications for iPhone owners.""
  • Lunascape Is Firefox, Chrome And Internet Explorer Rolled Into One
    "Windows only: Free application Lunascape is a web browser capable of running any of the three major web rendering engines—Gecko (Firefox), WebKit (Safari/Chrome), and Trident (Internet Explorer)."
  • FoxGLove Standalone Google Apps Portal
    "Crafty Firefox user Alex customised his own Firefox Portable installation to tightly integrate with Google Apps. He calls his creation "FoxGLove," and uses it as his own Google-powered productivity portal instead of Microsoft Outlook."
  • iPhone 2.2 Jailbreaking Tools Now Available (Windows and Mac)
    "The iPhone Dev team has already released QuickPwn for both Windows and Mac and PwnageTool for Mac."
  • Minime Minimises Windows to a Single System Tray Icon (Windows)
    "Small utility Minime clears your taskbar by minimising windows to its single icon in the system tray."
  • Tark Gives Bookmarks Expiration Dates (Firefox)
    "If you frequently deal with bookmarks that have limited future utility, the Tark (Temporary Bookmarks) extension can set an expiration date on them."
  • Newzie Newsreader Watches Feeds and Feedless Pages Alike (Windows)
    "Free application Newzie is a feature-rich desktop newsreader designed to keep you up to date with the latest web content, whether that content is coming from a traditional RSS feed or not."
  • TextFlow Offers a New Take on Collaboration (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    "TextFlow is an Adobe AIR-based word processor with a new and innovative take on document collaboration."
  • Fedora 10 Officially Released, Ready for Download
    "Fedora has just released version 10 of the popular Linux distribution."
  • uTorrent for Mac Officially Released (Mac)
    "If you've been waiting patiently for the popular BitTorrent application, uTorrent, to find its way to your Mac, your wait is finally over: uTorrent for the Mac is officially available."


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