Labs Go Live In Google Apps Accounts

Labs Go Live In Google Apps Accounts

Maybe it was the recent roll-out of Gmail’s task manager, but Google Apps developers have finally opened up “Labs” features to domain-based Google Mail users. It should be noted that, as with most Google releases, it might be a gradual roll-out, but readers tipped us to Labs showing up on Sunday night. I count the same number of lab items in our Lifehacker Google Apps account as a standard Gmail account, which means Apps users have access to all the productivity-boosting tweaks in Labs, like Superstars and Quick Links, Signature Tweaks, Advanced IMAP Controls, and many more.


  • Must be a real slow roll out – I’ve had labs features in my gmail-for-my-domain for months. Any given feature usually takes a while to filter through from regular old gmail to the google apps version, but the whole labs thing has been available for quite some time. What I’m really hanging out for is the new gmail themes.

  • The labs feature on my Google Apps Standard Edition and all it’s accounts is available for more then 2 months so i doubt if it has anything to do with the recent update of the regular gmail (themes – which is not available to Google Apps (yet)).

  • Same here – I’ve had Labs on my Google Apps Account since just after it was announced for regular Gmail users.

    Unfortunately, a Google spokesperson announced somewhere that Google weren’t rolling out Themes to Google Apps users.

    Very disappointed 🙁 Hope something changes!

  • I just found a “Turn on new features (like group chat or colored labels)” checkbox under the domain settings. Didn’t have an effect immediately (logging out of Gmail for Aps of course). Will see if does the trick in the coming days.

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