Kogan To Release First Australian Android Phone On January 29

Kogan To Release First Australian Android Phone On January 29

Agora.jpgIf you’ve been hanging out to try some of the cool features of Google’s Android operating system for phones, you won’t have to wait much longer. Online retailer Kogan will release the Android-based ‘Agora’ on January 29 2009, and is already accepting pre-orders via its site. The basic model costs $299, while the Pro version (which includes Wi-Fi, a camera and GPS) is $399. The phones are being sold contract-free, which is great from a migration point of view, but means we might not see some of the network integration features found on other Android phones. Bundled apps will include the expected selection of Google apps (Gmail, Calendar, YouTube, Maps and talk). Me, I’m just happy it’s got a proper keyboard. Does this model tempt you, or do you want to wait for a touchscreen-only version? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • It does have touch screen elements as well. However, the point of Android is to be an open platform — it can be adapted by different phone designers.

  • Kogan doesn’t seem to be part of the Open Handset Alliance, which is the group set up by Google to work on the Android spec’s. I’m not sure how well Android will work on their phone. Anyone know who Kogan is actually using to develop their phone?

  • I like it. I don’t like the slide out sideways keyboard on the G1, I was actually pretty disappointed by the hardware in the original release. I also prefer to have some sort of keyboard, I’ve got a HTC touch dual at the moment and it’s just perfect. No changes to orientation to type.

    I’m interested in this though. The pre-order seems a big gamble as the fine print seems to point at this being an approximate representation of what they might sell. $399 for an artist’s impression?

  • Guys, This is a snip. There’s no rules and regs with Android, anyone can use it and change it into whatever they want. The whole point of it was to make a great phone OS that get’s more eyeballs on the mobile web (and looking at google’s web ads). Anyway, there’s no reason on the planet why this phone won’t be great. Definately worth checking out.

    Kogan won’t be the first.

  • Wow, the specs and form factor look really great. If I didn’t have my iPhone, I’d definitely be considering one of these right now.

    @peter: According to the site, the screen on the Agora is a touch screen.

  • keep in mind the screen resoultion as this may mean some android apps will not display properly.
    also if you like a bigger screen on you mobile then this is about 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the g1

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