Internet Explorer Exploit Temporary Fix Now Available

Internet Explorer Exploit Temporary Fix Now Available

Microsoft will be pushing out an unscheduled security patch for Internet Explorer’s recently-discovered vulnerability tomorrow, but you can get a temporary patch from British software security firm Prevx today. Tech news site TechRadar reports that simply not using IE won’t keep the vulnerability from affecting your PC; an estimated 2 million PCs have already been infected. The vulnerabilty affects IE 6 and above, including Internet Explorer 8. Chances are users won’t get to the Prevx temporary fix before tomorrow, but if anything make sure Windows’ software updates are turned on so you get Microsoft’s official fix then.


  • Sadly this is not a fix. It implements one (out of a possible 7 or so) work arounds provided by Microsoft in it’s advisory. Unfortunatley the one it chooses to implement also breaks a lot of functionality in other Microsoft components, notably the office Suite. The tool provided fails to inform people of this impact (the MS advisory does state the impact of all advisories) and as such this fix can be more of a pain than it’s worth.

    The better recommended method for home users is switching to another browser, at least for the time being. In large companies they will more than likely push one of the MS workarounds via a group policy after deciding which one will have the least impact upon their business applications.

  • I use Internet Explorer and Firefox as both have their own quirks. When Firefox acts up, such as audio not loading properly, I find IE working in full steam. So it is best to have more than one browser and keep it updated by getting the latest fix such as this latest one. I only hope that browsers in the future will have an anti-virus built-in already to protect its users better.

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