Greasefire Finds Greasemonkey Scripts For The Site You're Visiting

Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): Greasefire is a companion extension to the popular Greasemonkey extension designed to help you customise your web browsing by finding user scripts for any page you're currently visiting. Once installed, the extension automatically searches the popular Greasemonkey script repository for scripts related to the site you're visiting; if a script is available, the Greasemonkey icon in your Firefox status bar will display a fiery background to indicate that it found matches. From there, installing new scripts is simple. Just click the "X scripts available" entry, then browse and find a script you like in the pop-up window. Click the install button at the bottom of the window when you find something you like.Greasefire is a great tool to discover new user scripts and customise your web with Greasemonkey. Greasefire is a free download, works wherever Firefox does.


    Smells like a killer app, to be honest.

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