Google Chrome Not A Hit With Most Aussies

ChromeVersion.jpg Google Chrome may have exited beta, but it doesn't seem to have entered the hearts of too many Australians yet. Fran Foo at AustralianIT reports that Nielsen Online figures show that only 1% of visitors to major news sites are using Chrome. Internet Explorer remains the champ, with 70% of the market. Unsurprisingly, the figures are rather different here at Lifehacker: 52% of our readers use Firefox, with just under 30% on IE, just under 9% on Safari, and 5% on Chrome.


    It probably speaks more for the number of people who are tech savvy versus those that just "use the internet".

    Personally I switched to Chrome straight away, and it was much faster, but had a number of sites that wouldn't load properly, most of these are now fine and Chrome has more features than the first few releases.

    Not missing IE at all :)

    I'm waiting for the 365 days after the original release version. That should have most of the kinks ironed out.

    1% of users is still a pretty massive figure. I live in Australia and know a fair few people who use Chrome (including a few female friends -- no offense to females in general but you tend to see more geeky guys). I've also managed to impress a fair few friends just by the snap in/out tab behaviour and explaining/comparing the multithreading/process manager to the windows one that most are familiar with.

    I also believe Google's trying to get Chrome OEM installed. That should put it's market share right up. AFAIK it already has stronger market share that Opera, which has been in the game for a long time, so it's doing well.

    It's certainly ahead of Opera for Lifehacker visitors, and within striking distance of overtaking Safari (if a Mac version emerges, I reckon it probably will do so). But realistically, the market is still IE, Firefox, and everyone else.

    I'm only waiting for the extensions manager. That was the one major thing that I missed from Firefox.

    Following that, some good extensions to go with it.

    Firefox does what I need. Why change?

    I wonder if "major news sites" includes, the default homepage for Internet Explorer.

    I'm very happy with Chrome myself, and use it all the time at home. Once they get around to adding extensions and multi platform versions, this will be the browser to beat.

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