Free Public Transport In Melbourne For Christmas

MelbourneTrams.jpg Melbourne residents have no excuse not to use public transport over the next couple of days, with fare-free travel on trains, trams and buses on December 24 and 25. I couldn't find any similar offers in the other capitals, but if you've spotted a cheap means of Christmas transport, share it in the comments. Photo by Yarra Trams


    'Christmas Eve and Christmas Day' do not a Boxing day make...

    Article title incorrect (body correct), it's Christmas Eve/Day not Boxing day.

    Also New Year's Eve (Dec 31) is free PT.

    thats should be christmas eve and christmas day, not boxing day

    Canberra's bus network, ACTION Busses are offering free transport on Christmas Day,

    Routes are very limited, however.

    That would be Xmas Eve and Xmas Day.

    It looks like its free travel on christmas eve and christmas day - not boxing day as the title of your post suggests

    D'oh! Sorry about that folks. The body of the article was right, but that's no excuse for the wrong headline.

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