Firefox And Chrome Run Gmail Twice As Fast As IE, Says Google

Firefox And Chrome Run Gmail Twice As Fast As IE, Says Google

Google has taken a more aggressive approach to moving users away from Internet Explorer, recommending that Gmail users install Firefox or Chrome if they want to see Gmail run “an average of twice as fast.” When you log into Gmail using Internet Explorer, you’ll see a “Get faster Gmail” link in the set of links across the top of the page. If you follow the link in IE7, you’ll find yourself at this page (pictured above), which claims that Gmail runs an average of twice as fast on Firefox 3 or Chrome than it does IE. Strangely enough, that same link in IE6 takes you to this page, which recommends upgrading to IE7—so you’re in for a bit of a rollercoaster if you follow their suggestions. We practically never open up IE unless we have to around here, so we certainly can’t say from experience that IE runs Gmail that much more slowly, so if you’ve got more experience switching between browsers with Gmail, share your experience in the comments.


  • I use Chrome at home and IE7 at work (can’t install chrome or firefox without getting in trouble)..

    I notice the loading times greatly, most notably when first opening your gmail inbox after logging in.

    I even decided to test it at home by upgrading my IE to the latest stable version and still the difference is notable.

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