Firefox 2 Hits Its Last Release

Firefox users who stuck with version 2 are seeing their last update today, so Mozilla is putting on the push to upgrade to Firefox 3. And that's probably a good thing.

Firefox 3, after all, bucks the trend of most software version changes and out-performs its older brother—it was our favourite feature, actually, and it stacks up well against the competition. And by this point, most of the popular extensions have updated to support Firefox 3.

Sticking with 2, despite the push, would mean losing updated anti-phishing filter results and no further security or stability upgrades. We don't know how many of our Firefox users are still on 2, but grabbing a copy of 3 is definitely in the cards for most, we'd reckon.

Unhappy to be given the not-so-gentle nudge? Glad Firefox 2 got this long on the stage? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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