Finding The Best BlackBerry Bold Deal

BlackBerryKeyboardDetail.jpgThis week's launch of the BlackBerry Bold on 3 means that you can now buy BlackBerry's latest business device from all four main carriers. Over at APC, David Flynn examines the plans available from each carrier and advises on which provide the best deals. His broad conclusion? As ever, it's Telstra for reach and Vodafone for overall value. Annoyingly, if (like me) you already own a Bold, there's rather less choice, since virtually no-one offers a walk-up plan. Time to brush up on my negotiating skills, methinks.


    When Vodafone launched this phone in one of their stores, they made a mistake and put it on a $29 cap. My friend signed up a contract and got the phone, then disconnected from Vodafone paying the fee. Not needing all the fancy stuff got the phone for less than $100…

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