Fancy Yourself As A Monopoly Champion?

Monopoly.jpgOK, we know that gaming is really Kotaku's bag, but here at Lifehacker we're great believers in games and puzzles to enhance your mental health. And while we're not sure that perennial board game favourite Monopoly quite qualifies, it's certainly good for your basic arithmetic skills. Registration for the National Monopoly Championships has just begun, with six regional championships scheduled in January and February throughout the country to find a contestant who will represent Australia at a global showdown in Las Vegas later in 2009. Get rolling!


    I loooooove monopoly but am not good enough to play for the championships...however I live the idea.

    Unfortunately, math skills, the last remaining actual value in Monopoly, went away with the introduction of the electronic banking version with the credit cards.

    I got the shock of my life when one of my mates suddenly bobbed up as the WA winner - a very amusing guy, only too willing to give me the inside scoop :)

    Can someone please let me know if there are any monopoly games being played here on the northern beaches of at organised venues.

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