eBay Christmas Deal: No Insertion Fees For Five Days

ebay.gifIt's no surprise that eBay is trying to stimulate pre-Christmas trade with one of its customary specials, but this one's a tad unusual: no insertion fees charged if you list items at a fixed price from December 9 to December 13. That removes the possibility of making an unexpected killing, but it also drops the risk factor, and you'll know exactly how much you stand to make if the goods do sell.


    The last time Ebay pulled a stunt like this, their insertion fees halved and their final value fees doubled...

    What a scam.

    The insertion fees are far and away the smallest component of eBay's fees. When you consider their final value fees and PayPal charges, forgoing a portion of their total fees is a drop in the ocean. Too little, too late !

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