Detect Forgotten Attachments Before You Send That Email

Detect Forgotten Attachments Before You Send That Email

New VB scripter Troy modified a script for Outlook that lets him know when he’s forgotten an attachment on an email (not counting his company logo).

Troy writes:

I started a new job back in July, and had to fill out a form to get access to a client’s network. Unfortunately I sent the email without the form. As part of my new job I had been working on learning VBScript, so this was the perfect opportunity to test my skills. With a little searching I was able to find an example of what I needed, and tweaked it to account for my signature’s company logo.

In short, Troy modified a script Jack Stowage originally posted in some comments on Lifehacker US to work for him. Since he attaches his company logo in his outgoing message signature, this version of the script lets you set a base messages attachment number (in his case, one logo file) and compare from there. So if he sends a message with the word “attach” in it and it only has one file attached (the logo)? Outlook pops up the notification shown above.

(Gmail users, you can also have this feature by enabling it in Gmail Labs.)

Hit the link below to grab a copy of the VB script for Outlook, and get the instructions for setting it up yourself.


  • I’d like to see a fail safe variation on this script that just simply asks if you would like to send an attachment regardless of whether you have already attached one or not.

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