Chumby Seeking Aussie Apps

Chumby.jpg Internode has been selling Chumby, its hard-to-describe programmable Internet gadget/toy/tech fetishist's dream, for a few weeks now, and the ISP is keen to encourage the development of more Chumby widgets that supply Australian content. If you've got some basic programming chops and fancy winning a Chumby, there's a competition running offering up Chumby prizes for the best efforts. If you want a basic course in building Chumby widgets (not too hard if you can handle basic Flash and RSS), check out this overview on the Chumby wiki.


    I've always liked the Chumby, but they're just too expensive.

    I saw Chumby about a year ago and got one for my birthday last month. I am a web programmer but not a flash programmer. Will have to get a copy of flash so that I can checkout the fla files.

    It's a pity more Australian widgets don't exist. Although over time hopefully they will.

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