Check Out The Lifehacker Chumby Widget

LHChumby.jpgOne of the challenges with the local release of the Chumby has been the relative lack of Australian-centric gadgets for the Wi-Fi-enabled Internet thingummy. Local distributor Internode is running a competition to encourage development, but even without that incentive Lifehacker's technical guru Kaan has come to the party with a Lifehacker-specific widget, listing all the latest headlines from your favourite technology productivity site. If you've got a Chumby already (or have one on your Christmas list), be sure to check it out. Thanks Kaan!


    Bollocks to the Chumby, or more accurately, to Internode.

    It's an awesome sounding device, but Internet is selling them at exorbitant prices compared to Chumby in the US. And of course, they have a dodgy agreement which excludes Australians from purchasing from the US Chumby store. Bollocks to that.

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