Booko Finds The Best Australian Price For Books

Booko Finds The Best Australian Price For Books

Booko is a price comparison engine for books with an emphasis on Australian buyers. It covers dozens of local and overseas sellers, and combines the information from them in a really helpful way, converting prices automatically into Australian dollars and calculating the different postage costs if you've ordered multiple books. (Disturbingly, overseas ordering often still works out cheaper even with postage included.) I found pulling in the price information took a painfully long time with some titles, but if you're a serious bibliophile, this is potentially hugely useful.


  • Booko seems to be having problems right now. It’s not loading on my end.

    Anyway, I wish I had of known about this a month or so ago – I was looking for a couple of books (XMas pressy’s), but nowhere local had them. I did a number of searches, but I could only come up with a massive shipping cost from Amazon.

    (PS: The auto-reload “feature” just caused me to lose a much longer post… And it’s certainly not the first time!)

  • OMG, Booko’s been “lifehacker”ed… you know, like slashdotting… the server is down šŸ™

    Pity, because this sounds great, I quite like to order books online, and has been the only decent place to search Australian online booksellers up until now, and that doesn’t include international ones.

  • I’ve found quite frequently that I can get a first-edition hardback shipped to me from Amazon for far-less than the equivalent trade paperback sold in Australia. If you bulk up your order with all the books, DVDs and music you can’t get here anyway, the savings are even more noticeable.

    I suspect that Booko is not even looking at the Amazon marketplace where you can buy so much of this material new or remaindered as-new. ABE booksellers also have a lot of new material (although it’s often wise to use the meta-search engine to cover ABE and alternates)

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