And The Winner Of $500 From Mozo Is . . .

We had a terrific response to our competition offering $500 off your credit card bill thanks to the awesome team at Mozo. Entries ranged from the perhaps-obvious ("I responded first") to the somewhat strange (squid obsessions?) and quite a bit of poetry, and plenty of them made me laugh. Ultimately, though, there can be only one winner, and I've judged the best entry to be the one that most represents Lifehacker's spirit of community, albeit in a slightly twisted way:

I think the winner should be someone who contributes to Lifehacker's other posts, rather than commenting for financial gain. Ahem!

Ahem indeed. Congratulation edawnedsram for winning, and thanks again to everyone who entered and to Mozo for coughing up the cash.


    Congratulations. Not having a credit card i didn't enter.

    ...I say we out the person with the squid obsession.

    It seems I missed the bit that said "post in 25 words or less why you should win"...! Note to self: read the question.

    Can we have another one?

    Congrats edawnedsram!

    Well, the reader survey is running right now and has more prizes :-)

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