Zune Software Updates To 3.1, Adds Games, Improves Social Features and Stability

Zune Insider reports that Microsoft has updated the Zune firmware to 3.1, adding three new free games (Checkers, Sudoku, and Space Battle) and improving the Zune Social feature with better looks and a "like minded listeners" feature that shows you how your taste compares to your friends. Aside from the fun stuff, the update also promises improved stability and performance. To update, just launch the Zune software and go to Settings -> Check for Updates. Zune importers, let's hear how you like it in the comments.


    I like the Zune software in general, but with every update it runs slower and slower on my machine. The 3.1 version seems especially doggy. When I move my mouse to take control after the Zune screen saver appears, I generally have to wait 10-15 seconds to get control of my machine.

    When you attempt to search for multiplayer games with the Texas holdem game, the player gets stuck searching and you have to wait for the battery to run out to get out of it. THAT sucks.

    Plus, the Hold-em game offers zero competitiveness in single player. It kind of sucks.

    So far, the only good game is the space batttle one...which is repetitive and boring

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