Windows 7 Will Ship Mid-2009


    Back in the early days of Mac OS X. Apple provided Mac OS X 10.1 as a free upgrade to clients that were using Mac OS X 10.0. They did this cause 10.0 was kind of crap.

    It would be nice to see Microsoft do the same thing for us Vista users and provide Windows 7 as a 'thank you' for putting up with what has been a lack luster at best operating system.

    I'm definitely not buying Windows 7 next year when it comes out. Firstly, there is not much difference compared to Vista. This is also probably the shortest gap between a Microsoft OS - meaning that there was the least amount of developing time invovled than all other Microsoft OS's. And I reckon when it does come out, they're going to have hundreds of different versions all priced differently. It would be good if they provided a free or cheap upgrade - there's not much difference between the two (Vista and 7).

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