Windows 7 Is Exactly Like Vista Under the Hood

If you've been counting on Windows 7 as your salvation from Vista, think again. According to PC World tests, Windows 7 appears to be essentially a repackaging of Vista, running the same basic processes and sporting similar performance and memory usage. On the plus side, Windows 7 does deliver several new features, and it isn't shipping until mid-year 2009, so Microsoft still has time to make plenty of adjustments.


    I thought i was reading last nite that the pre beta was appearing to have better performance in games. Dont think any real comparisons are out yet though?

    Indeed -- it's a bit too early to do meaningful performance comparisons, and to be fair, Microsoft has never pretended that Windows 7 represents a radical rewrite of Vista. The big problem at Vista's launch turned out to be poor hardware support and some software issues, so those are the areas getting attention.

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