WindizUpdate Lets You Update Windows Through Firefox

Windows only: If you're not particularly fond of the official Windows Update system provided through Internet Explorer, whether your reason being a distaste for the Windows Genuine Advantage software or the insistence that the next upgrade of Internet Explorer really is a mission critical system update, there is an alternative way to update your system. WindizUpdater is a Firefox plugin which mimics the official Windows Update application. The key advantage of using WindizUpdater is that you have complete control over what gets installed and what doesn't. The system never forces you to install an update you don't want and will skip updates that aren't necessary for your system.

The downloader has error correction and auto resume should you lose your connection to the servers while updating. In my test run of WindizUpdater on a laptop running Windows XP Professional that hadn't been updated for several months the only issue that came up was the latency between the releases on the official Microsoft server and the WindizUpdater server. If you can tolerate some lag time between the official release of a patch and the push to the WindizUpdater servers then the deal is sealed. WindizUpdate is a free Firefox plugin, Windows only.


    This site works - but is no longer maintained - the message below was posted on their website about 12 months ago

    There's so much work to do on the site -

    * support for more operating systems,
    * total redesign of the online scanning application,
    * localization,
    * ongoing maintenance to the database, etc

    But we've been short-staffed for the last 6 months, and the workload has finally taken its toll.

    It's not "Good Bye" - we haven't been shut down by MS; and we have no plans to sell the domain name, or turn it into one of those cybersquatter search pages.

    But we have to move on. The site will still be operational, but no new updates will be added. We will still answer email.

    You are needed. If you have the skills, we have several interesting and complex projects waiting for you to be involved with. The PHP and Delphi positions we have advertised are still waiting to be filled!

    We wish to thank you all for your support over the last two years, and we plan to be back again, as soon as our workload is reduced to something manageable.

    Thomas, Phil, Jesse and Mahamoud
    WindizUpdate Development Team

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