What's Cheap In The Apple Store Sale

AppleDiscounts.jpgApple's Black Friday sale predictably offers the biggest discounts on the most expensive items: $161 off a 13-inch MacBook. The entertainment options has some OK but not astonishing deals ($11 off the iPod Nano, $21 off the iPod Classic, iPod Touch or iPod TV), though there's some bigger savings on speakers. Use the spare cash to buy your annoying cousin an iTunes voucher.


    I've never seen such generosity! $161 off $1,938 is a staggering 8% saving!
    No wonder Apple turned profits of $1.14 billion in the last quarter.

    If your employer has an arrangement with Apple to offer a corporate discount to employees, you'll still get that today on top of the already reduced Black Friday prices. (I can't stop looking at those cheap, cheap MacBooks!)

    Wait, how much are the MacBooks?

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