Useful Sites To Get Your Money Under Control

KeySites.jpg In troubled economic times, being organised with your finances is more crucial than ever — and there's plenty of sites that can lend a helping hand. Here's some Lifehacker favourites worth considering.One "site" that we haven't included here, but is definitely worth looking into, is your existing online banking site. Make sure you're using all the available features — simple options like automatically scheduling your bill payments can make life much more organised.


MozoTermDeposits.jpg While the US has seen plenty of sites designed to compare interest rates and finance packages, the arrival of Mozo in August marked the first Australian operation to let you compare loans, savings accounts and credit cards online. If you're in the market to switch providers — or to get your first home loan — this is a logical place to start. (Original post)

Australian Wesabeans

Wesabe.jpgWesabe is a popular choice for a one-stop online financial management application, but the site has an undeniable US focus. Enter the Australian Wesabeans, your first port of call if you want to try integrating your finances on the site but aren't quite sure how well it will work with down-under accounts and arrangements. The site hasn't been terribly active recently, but that's a good reason to get in and ask some questions. (Original post)

Tweet What You Spend

TWYS.jpg OK, keeping an eye on your spending via Twitter isn't going to appeal to everyone. However, if you're already in the habit of posting your every move on the popular social networking site, then it's an easy habit to adapt. Using Tweet What You Spend can fit easily into your tweeting workflow, and help stop some of those impulse purchases. (Original post)

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