Tiny Geo-coder Webapp Converts Addresses To Latitude And Longitude

Looking for the latitude and longitude of a particular address, to geotag a Flickr photo for instance? Tiny Geo-coder will give you results in an instant, and based on my tests is accurate even when the address isn't perfect (for instance, leaving "street" out of a street number or using a city's popular acronym). If you're looking to automate multiple calls through a script or create map mashups, Tiny Geo-coder has an even lighter-weight API. Simply append a search term to the API url like the example for Perris, CA on the site's homepage, and all the server will return is that geocode and nothing else. No API key or complicated parsing required. Nifty!


    I know leaving Google Maps application open on my Nokia N95 all day to update my location in Latitude will probably chew through battery - but I'm more concerned about my data plan. Does Lifehacker have any advice on this? Will the data be negligible? I'm accessing Optus 3G on a 250mb cap.

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