Thoroughly Invade Someone's Privacy With 123people

People search engine aggregates search results from several different sources online — and off. Simply enter a person's name, and 123people will display search results from social networks, telephone listings, web pages, Wikipedia and the like. A quick search on my likely new representative in city government, David Chiu, turned up some good candidates for his home address and phone number, and certainly found plenty of photos on Flickr and web sites and articles related to his recent campaign (as well as plenty of information about David Chiu, competitive poker player and others). Potentially creepy? Yes. Potentially useful? Also yes. (It didn't do half as well for non-US searches like the Lifehacker AU editor, it should be noted.)


    Wow...this is insane. And surprisingly fun to do. Luckily no photos of me can be found :)

    There's another such engine out - with much more surprising results (at least for my own name):

    Check it out (you can "claim results there for your own person as well)!

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