The Giant Flip Clock Desktop

Reader projectvirus creates a smart, dynamic desktop HUD that prominently displays a desktop-sized flip clock. That big old clock is pretty cool by itself, but projectvirus went one step further by embedding small pieces of information along the edges of the clock, including the date, weather conditions, system monitor, and music playback info. To top it off, the whole setup is accomplished using the following free, popular desktop customisation tools:

- Scrolling Rss Feed

- Personal port of Fliqlo screensaver as first seen by Skarhead187
- Moxaweather
- HUD Vision horizonal calendar
- Enigma system stats

CD Art Display:
- Displays music information from iTunes

- Open/running windows dock

If you're looking to make the most of your custom desktop, be sure to check out our recent Hive Five Best Customisation Tools


    so where do we get the clock skin from?

    This is awesome, but how do i "put it all together"? i've got all of the components listed here and on the PROJECTVIRUS website, but i still can't get it to work.

    anyone got a an "instructable" for this?! :)

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