Telstra MyConnect A Pricey Way To Keep Mail, Contacts Synced

Telstra today rolled out MyConnect, a set of email-related services designed for mobile phone users. While the concept — the ability to access multiple email accounts on your Next G phone and synchronise contacts — is appealing, the pricing is not. The offering consists of three services: MyInbox (essentially web mail with MMS and SMS access), MyEmail (up to five accounts accessible on your mobile), and MySync (contacts synced from your mobile into the cloud daily). MyInbox is free if you’re a BigPond or Next G customer, but MyEmail is $7 a month, and MySync is $3 a month. Admittedly, rival email sync services like the BlackBerry or MobileMe aren’t free either, but $3 a month for contact syncing — something you should be able to achieve for free via Bluetooth to your PC — sounds way overpriced.


  • I just got this service yesterday in the Telstra store in the city as part of my new N95, i’m not a tech guru but the experience is good and even better when I can access my messages from my bigpond email address/inbox. The price wasn’t an issue, to borrow from the sales guy’s argument fundamentally i’m paying 34 cents a day to ensure that my important information on the phone is backed up, my emails and calendars are in sync, I’ve just started using it, so i’ll post a detailed review of the service when i get really familiar with it, so far its a lot easier than syncing via a cable or bluetooth. Juan

  • I’ve found by recommendation of another site a program called Seven. (

    I have been using it for a few weeks and I have access to my Gmail, an IMAP account and my works Exchange Server through web mail (this means if you already have Exchange web mail access, you can synchronize your phone.)

    The down side is that your phone contacts can not have unlimited amount of phone numbers and custom information if you want it to synchronize with outlook correctly. but if your phone has simple name and phone number, I don’t see any possible issues.

    It is still a beta but so far it works great.
    I’m using a E51 phone and synchronize my phone when I have Wi-Fi access.

  • MyConnect is the greatest load of rubbish Telstra have ever forced onto their customers.
    For those of us who just want to do emails it is step backwards from good old reliable webmail.
    It is flaky and unreliable, I have yet to manage to sign in on my first attempt(usually get error messages and told to logout and try again).
    A crap job of forewarning customers, and an absolutely lousy effort at migration – mail sub-folders did not migrate, my contacts did not migrate.
    Maybe it’s time to tell Telstra where to shove their services and move to a competitor.

  • Ditto to Johnc comments. My contact list did not migrate either, now I cannot access my emails in the inept ‘MyConnect’ rubbish. I have emailed the technical people but got unsatisfactory how to suck eggs replies. Pity they did not leave us with WebMail that worked every time, first time!

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