Taglocity Brings Gmail-like Tagging To Outlook

Windows only: Microsoft Outlook plug-in Taglocity brings Gmail-style tagging to your Outlook email. Getting started with Taglocity takes a little figuring out, but once you understand what the app is capable of, it's got all kinds of potential. Each time you tag an email (hit Ctrl+Shift+t for a quick shortcut), Taglocity can perform actions based on user-defined rules, so it can move the email to a folder, assign other tags based on the root tag, remove tags, create a task or appointment, and more. The app also has an online compenent, so you can sync your tags or join a group with which you can share tags and email. Other offline features include searching by tags and creating smart folders. When it comes to supercharging your Outlook email, we've always been big fans of previously mentioned Xobni, but Taglocity is worth checking out. The app comes in a Professional flavor for $US99 that offers more advanced settings, but the Standard version is free and offers most of the same features. Taglocity is Windows only, requires Microsoft Office and .NET 2.0.


    I had to pull Xobni off my PC because it was a resource hog -- and it was more fun than actually useful for work. I have been using Taglocity for about a week now and really digging the tag system over the standard Outlook folders -- especially as a consultant, many emails can be useful across different clients and projects. If you know how to use Gmail, Taglocity is easy to get used to imho.

    Fast and RELIABLE alternative (does NOT crash Outlook):

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