Spoonflower Prints Custom Fabric From Your Images

Whether you're a Project Runway hopeful or a home crafter, you can have your own graphics and designs printed onto mercerised cotton fabric thanks to Spoonflower. After registering with the site and confirming via email, simply upload a JPG or TIF image set to 150 DPI and up to 25 megabytes. Designs can be centered or repeated across the fabric. You can start with a swatch for five US dollars or order up to three yards for $US54. Spendy if you want a full-sized flat sheet with a repeating pattern depicting the prime cuts from a hog (which will run you $US90 for five yards plus shipping), but falling asleep in your meat sheets dreaming of barbecue somehow seems worth it. While the company eventually wants to print and ship orders within a day (and expand the range of available fabrics), you'll currently have to wait up to three weeks (and that's just for US delivery; for Australia, add at least another fortnight).


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