Soundsnap Offers Free Downloadable Sound Effects

Spice up your videos, games, applications or just make system alerts a little more hilarious by downloading sound effects from Soundsnap. Whether you're an electronic musician using Ableton Live or a budding YouTube auteur looking to flesh out the audio on a Final Cut Pro project, libraries of free sound effects, loops and samples are like mana (I'm a longtime fan of The Freesound Project). All the sound effects at Soundsnap are uploaded by creators, so if you've already done some foley work or futzed around with a Moog to produce sci-fi ambience, help out others by contributing. There are already many thousands of audio clips already available. If you're a multimedia maker, what sound effects sources do you use?


    Unfortunately this site is no longer free, and requires a paid membership along with monthly caps on downloads.

    Yeh, soundsnap was great buit now is JUST ANOTHER SOUND EFFECT SITE.

    I found good. Ok nowhere near as much sounds but still free and useful stuff.

    And another free sound effects site is

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