Simple Ways To Be Prepared For House Guests

Keep the space you use for guests in a prepared state and you'll be ready to host at the drop of a hat. At the Simple Productivity Blog, they have a five point checklist to being prepared for impromptu hosting with minimal stress. The very first item on the list is something I know I've been guilty of:

Don't use your guest space as a dumping ground. If you have a spare room, don't use it as an overgrown junk drawer. Many people stash things that they will get to later: mending, things to be donated, outgrown clothing, seasonal decorations. The less you keep to do "later" the less you will have to do to prepare for a guest.

Before taming the laundry process in my house, the guest room bedroom served as a way station for lost clothes. Other tips include changing the sheets immediately after guests leave so they are clean and fresh for the next guests and keeping supplies related to the guest's needs nearby or inside the guest room. If you have tips and tricks for easy hosting preparations, share them in the comments. Photo by geishaboy500.


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