Shut Down Windows From The 'Sleep' Button In Vista

The video bloggers at Tekzilla aren't keen on the way the Power button in the Vista Start menu sleeps your computer by default rather than shutting it down, and neither are we. As the video above demonstrates (UPDATE: We're having some problems with the video, so click through to Tekzilla or Digital Inspiration for the full rundown), a quick tweak in the to the Power Options in the Vista Control Panel can switch the default behaviour to Shut Down (or Hibernate) rather than Sleep. It's still lame that Vista doesn't make it easier to perform a quick shut down or restart from your keyboard, but the simple settings tweak highlighted in the video is a welcome adjustment.


    if u look at the screenshot, i think it shows that you can set the power button on the pc to shut down, which is what i choose. only problem is, my pc sometimes doesnt completey shut down. everything seems to be off but the fan is still going. anyone have any idea why?

    Dave, check that you've made the change to all power modes and to the correct power button - e.g. the "power button" is the one the case, the "start menu power button" is the one in the start menu.

    P.S. Thanks Lifehacker for this, I knew I'd find the answer here for doing this the other way around (server 2008 defaults to shut down). Why do you lot want to shut down over sleep? Power consumption is almost negligible in sleep mode.

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