Rupert Murdoch On Overcoming Techno-Fear

Rupert Murdoch On Overcoming Techno-Fear

Murdoch.jpgMedia mogul Rupert Murdoch is currently giving the annual Boyer Lectures for the ABC. In his second lecture, he makes an obvious but welcome point about having to accept changes bought on by more effective technology:

Whingeing about the technology will get you nowhere. The only way to deal with new technology that up-ends your job or your business model is to get out in front of it. Otherwise it will get out in front of you.

Given the inherent conservatism of many media outlets (including some of those owned by Murdoch’s company, News Corporation), it’s refreshing to see an acknowledgement that the media business needs to evolve. Catch the full lecture (as a transcript, stream or downloadable audio) on the ABC site.


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