Remember The Milk Gadget Puts Tasks In Gmail's Sidebar

When Google released a couple of gadgets for the Gmail sidebar and provided an open means of making more, long-time users of Remember the Milk might have guessed the task manager that tries to be everywhere would be all over it—and they were right. The Remember the Milk gadget lets you add, complete, edit, and postpone tasks, as well as single out a task list to show in the sidebar. It doesn't have the second-brain, star-equals-task power of RTM's Firefox extension, but it's a nice, unobtrusive way to add task management to your email/calendar/docs landing page. Hit the link below for instructions on installing RTM (which requires a free accont) in your Gmail sidebar.


    I've written several posts that provide details about my experiences with GTD and the applications I use on my blog at and will shortly have a tour showing exactly how I use those applications that may interest you and your readers. John

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