Q-Dir Explores Files With Multiple Panes And Custom Views

Windows only: Free file browser Q-Dir makes for a good USB drive app or installed replacement for Windows Explorer for those who do a serious amount of file swapping, or just like to be able to keep multiple folder views open at once. The app—which installs by default, but can run by itself after renaming it "Q-Dir.exe"—offers a customisable number of panes, though the default four-square is a pretty good starting point. You can save any view you like to a favourite button, along with adding shortcuts to frequently-accessed folders. There's also a quick-filter box in the lower-right for easy sorting and finding, and if you use Q-Dir regularly, you'll be glad it keeps your right-click shell extensions and offers its own "*Q-Dir" launch option on right-clicking a folder. Q-Dir is a free download for Windows systems only.


    This will go on forever like any good web-story should but Q-Dir remains a dog, maybe when it gets to 1.00 ... meantime some like Directory Opus but that is a scary Cerberus. I'd say two good options are Windows explorer with QTTabBar, QTAddressBar and Finder Bar add-ons OR xplorer2 which is one of those apps one keeps coming back to.

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