Pipl Updates, Offers Better Organised Stalking

Previously mentioned people search engine Pipl has updated with a slightly tweaked look and better, more organized results. In a quick comparison between recently featured 123people and Pipl, the results at Pipl thoroughly outdid 123people on accuracy when I searched for myself, including much more accurate results for real email addresses belonging to me. Just enter anyone's name and the city where they live and let Pipl dig up their online profiles, email addresses, photos, and more. With the abundance of people search tools available on the internet, it's easier than ever to track down anyone online. If you've already got a favourite place to stalk, let's hear about it in the comments.


    I tried my name and another stalkable person and got zero accurate results.

    @JohnB: None of the people search engines I tried so far provide perfect search results for very common names like "Bob Smith" or similar ones. That's something I could notice during my tests with the newer engines too.

    But some providers like http://www.yasni.com offer some useful features to make it easier to find good results for even the more common names…and that's something I can't say about some of the major search engines like google or yahoo. Especially this keyword box that yasni seems to call "tag cloud" helps a lot when searching for run-of-the-mill names. Have a try with yasni, I guess the results could surprise you.

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