PDFCalendar Can Span Any Period

PDFCalendar.jpg Electronic calendars are all very well, but sometimes a print calendar is easy to work with for long-term planning. Lifehacker reader Phil recently went hunting for a calendar-generating application, and ended up plumping for PDFCalendar.com. Here's why Phil finds it useful:

As a person who finds calendars scary (which kind of inhibits planning), I was excited the other day to figure out I could break my year into four 13-week blocks. I wondered if there would be any calendar printing apps online that would let me print out in that format. PDFCalendar.com does all that and more — enter your specs, click 'download pdf' and it's done in moments. The only limitation is that it only produces one page at a time, so you need to enter a start date and download a pdf for each new quarter. Very cool though.

A cautionary note: remember to change the paper size to A4 from the default US Letter to avoid printing hassles. If you're after a more compact calendar approach, check out recently mentioned Compact Calendar Creator. Thanks Phil!


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